Program Committee

Charge & Purpose:

  • The Program Committee is established by vote of the Board. The Program Committee serves to:
  • Develop the programming, activities, and logistics for the annual conference with the assistance of the Executive Office.
  • Conduct and facilitate programming at the annual conference.
  • Ensure the conference generates operating revenue for the organization.


The Program Committee voting members will be composed of:

  • At least 6 but no more than 9 members in good standing.
    • At least two Institutional Members.
    • At least two Corporate Members.
    • At least one representative from the host institution for the upcoming annual conference.
    • The President-Elect who will be President for the upcoming annual conference.
  • A chair or co-chairs selected from the committee members.

Term Length:

The Program Committee’s term shall begin on the day following the end of one annual conference and run until the last day of the annual conference for which it is established. Members and chairs may be appointed to consecutive terms. The Board may fill vacancies within a term and may change the term of any individual who is unable to fulfill the activities of the committee.

Time Commitment:

The expected time commitment is 3 hours a month, or 30 hours per year. The committee meets no less than once per month, or more frequently leading up to the date of the conference and to meet deliverables and milestones. Meetings are held virtually, and some activities may be asynchronous. Members may have occasional follow-up assignments outside of meetings (for example, reviewing options for the conference agenda, or reviewing submissions for conference sessions).

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Work with the Executive Office and conference host to develop the logistics for the conference, including identifying deadlines and milestones, setting expectations for the on-site experience, investigating member travel needs, and other related activities.
  • Work with the Executive Office on planning, and getting Board approval, for the event budget.
  • Work with the Executive Office and conference host to develop the theme of the conference.
  • Engage members, sponsors, and other potential conference attendees to solicit and approve conference programming.
  • Assist the Executive Office to ensure conference activities run smoothly and meet participant expectations.
  • Develop, document, and revise planning best-practices guidance for future Program Committees.
  • Submit committee plans to the Board of Directors for approval.

Interested in participating in the Program Committee? Contact the Executive Office for details