Corporate Member Committee


Darryl Krall
[email protected]  



Michael Hooper
[email protected]


Committee Charge:

The Corporate Member Committee is established by vote of the Board. The Corporate Member Committee serves to advise the Board on the participation and experience of Corporate Members.

Committee Composition:

The Corporate Member Committee will be composed of:

  • The two Corporate Directors.
  • At least 3 other Corporate Members in good standing.

Term Length:

Those appointed to the Corporate Member Committee will serve for the duration of their Board term, or a two-year term for those not on the Board.

Expected Time Commitment:

The expected time commitment is 3 hours per quarter. Some activities may be asynchronous. The committee meets no less than once per quarter. Members may have occasional follow-up assignments (for instance, reviewing a policy draft or reaching out to other Corporate members).

Activities and Deliverables:

  • Provide regular written updates to the Executive Director and Board.
  • Provide input and recommendations to the Board pertaining to the Corporate Membership of ETC.
  • Assist the Executive Office with planning for Corporate Member participation in ETC programs and social events.
  • Assist the Election Committee in soliciting nominations for candidates for Corporate Directors.
  • Other activities or projects as directed by the Board.

Interested in participating in the Corporate Member Committee? Contact the Executive Office for details